Sunday, October 3, 2010

Windy Saturday Photoshoot

Yesterday I decided instead of staying cooped up inside, that I would head out and do a photoshoot. My classes have been keeping me busy and unable to take as many photos as I want to.
 Malard Ducks from far away kinda look like bats. I had no idea it WAS a duck till looking at the photos after wards.
Looking over the river to the other side.

Other side again.

I'm not sure what this is.  A mooring for ships, or maybe it was the post for information?

The river now has a blue gradiant :)

Looking down the board walk towards the bridge on Waterford Green.

Drossel and WALL-E taking a strole

The wind was blowing like crazy on Saturday.   Made it colder that it should have been.

Seagull's hanging around the warf. Probably waiting for food from passer's by.

Drossel was having troubles standing up in the wind.  

Drossel: Wind too Strong!

WALL-E seems to be enjoying it.

Drossel: I think it's time to head back in.

Looking the back of the buildings and the alley that leads to the main street.

Final shot looking back.

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