Thursday, March 17, 2011

"...sayonara, dewa mashita....."

It's been a week since the Earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I first heard the news on Danny Choo's website, ,  on friday morning.  What happened was and still is devastaing to everyone affected, in Japan and around the world.

I...... really don't have words to describe how I feel about what happened. All I can think about is all the people who are with out power, food, water, and in terror of the radiation from the Power Plant.  And I concerned about my Japanese language teacher , her family lives near Sendai and she's very worried about them.  My class and our teacher are making a donation box to help out. I'm saving money to donate when it's ready next week.  I wish I could be in Japan helping out. I don't really care about radiation, aftershocks etc. I would have the people who need help get it and brought to safety than worry about my self.   Though I have been going through random bouts of crying since last night at my Japanese class. I drew my teacher a picture with the caption "ganbatte kudasai!" or "cheer up!/Don't give up!"  to make her feel better.  And it did, but I still feel really upset.
Hopefully, water bombing the Nuclear Plant(from whut I heard) will stop the reaction and cut down on the radiation to a safer level so the red cross and Japanese Self Defense force can go in without worry and get food and water to the people.