Friday, January 21, 2011

"It's fifty below and out there on the ground there's 90 inches of snow"

It's been incredibly stormy in Atlantic Canada. For the past month and a half we've had a storm every week, though that doesn't mean we've had snow days at school. No, college is open no matter what the weather. I've been singing the song from Robert Munsch's 50 Below Zero(hence the title)

It's kinda scary the amount of snow we've got. This was taken the day after I got back from my Christmas Break. Poor Miyuki.

I've been drinking a lot more coffee lately. The bad weather and project for school have been draining my energy. Though, because of this I've been having troubles sleeping at night, that and that my room has been roasting for the past 2 weeks.

We had a few good days inbetween storms, but very cold. It's been below zero almost everyday. Oh how I wish for Spring. I've never really liked Winter, you can't go very far with so much snow, it's quite wet , gloomy and just plain old crappy.

Black Rock Chuter: Whut's all that white stuff flying around Doro-nesan?
Drossel: That's snow Chuter-chan.
Black Rock Chuter: SNOW? That's just weeeiirrdd.

Later on this evening I noticed that the snow was building up inside my window. I figured it was a good a time as any to expose 2 of my girls to snow first hand.
 Drossel: Aw man this stuff looks like fun!
Drossel: ACK! It's cold!
 BRS: I think it's melting. I can feel it seeping into my boots.
The girls dried off afterwards.

IT's gotten so bad that I can't see across the street from my window anymore, and the wind is shaking the house. Quite scary actually.
I'm going to head to bed soon, hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight. I will be posting my pictures from Christmas and of the other adventures I've had in the mean time.