Monday, November 15, 2010

Nice Mini Vacation and new figs

Sometime last month I was told that November the 12th was going to be a day off. This meant I was going to get a 4 day weekend, since the 11th is Remembrance Day. So I got a train ticket and headed for home last Thursday. And man I needed it. We've been working on a lot of projects, the last one we did was a head rotation for my timing class that had to be finished for today. And I wasn't going to work on homework during my little vacation. Broke my brain trying to get it done early.
Anyway, the train was on time for once. Every other time I've gone it's been delayed for SOME weird reason. Once I was 3 hours late coming in to Halifax, the station gave everyone a 60% discount on the next ticket we purchase. But I'm getting off track here.
My Mum picked me up at the station, and I spent the evening with a HUGE headache. And I got to open my Black Rock Shooter Figma and Nendoroid.
 I'm very happy about buying these two. Not to mention having my first Nendoroid.
My brother and I took a bunch of different pictures on friday.

After that, my Bro and I started experimenting with the chains on a particular Transformer toy of a character we are not impressed by(don't ask why Bro bought him because I have no clue. Probably so we could do this).

Drift, you've just been pwned by Shinji.  That just makes it so much sadder.
BRS got in on the action too.

I'll be posting a figure comic in the coming months to prepare for the new Metabee D-Arts figure. I have a really old one that I'll be using for the first part. Also I need to get more SH Figuarts Kamen Riders as well.

I will return.... Eventually.