Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Spring Photoshoot on the Waterford Green(photo intensive post)

Since last year I've gone out and done photoshoots at the Waterford Green. Mainly because it's the only place I can really go within walking distance. In mid April it's usually warm enough to go around in a light jacket, and , of course, bring the figmas along as well.

For the first half hour the river was full of ice flows, but the time I had left it was all gone.
A "behind the scenes" shot. Peace!
Looking Down river at all the ice.
I have no idea whut that is. All I know is that they've been building it for about a month.

This is one of my favourite shots
It took a while, but Black Rock Chuuter was able to come out and play.
Chuuter: Brrrr~~~~
Chuuter: Snow is cold! desu~~~~
Luka's first outing!
It's Asuka's first outing too
Drossel relaxing in the sun.
Drossel: Sure is windy today.
 Saber: We should have brought lunch for a picnic.
Saber: What happened to the cobble stones? D:
Drossel: I don't know, something heavy....O.o
Chuuter: Mebbe a GIANT stepped on 'em desu
Drossel: This is freaky>_<

Saber: It seems kinds unstable
   Chuuter: I's on a platform desu
Chillin' on the bench.
Well, that's our trip. I had to Omit some pics because there were SO MANY of them. Mostly scenery.  Time to say bai bai Chuuter.
Chuuter: Bai bai!